4 Best Tricks To Use For Writer’s Time Management

There are lots of tips seen on the Internet making us more efficient. It may take weeks for you to put off reading and writing articles and books on how to be more productive and efficient. Here are the four best tricks to use for your time management as a writer.

1.     Plan Your Weeks on Fridays

This trick to planning your weeks on Fridays is actually two ideas combined into one. Our lives are lived in weeks making the week as the best unit of time to plan out. Doing it on Fridays is also the best time to think through your weeks before you are in them. You’ll need this trick to continue with your writings, especially those with deadlines.

A curtain supplier and maker in Singapore, Estil Furnishing is also doing this kind of trick. They plan out their most important professional priorities for the next week on Friday afternoons. They see where their curtains in Singapore can go. They also take a step back and ask their management team what matters and what doesn’t.

2.     Measure What Matters

You must measure what matters. Just like Estil Furnishing, they utilize a time log to keep track faithfully of their time in half-hour blocks. In more than 20 years of experience in crafting quality curtains, they have been recording each day on this log in a loyal manner. They were able to develop a much more holistic and accurate sense of their time. It is truly precious and plentiful for they devote more of their time to customer satisfaction.

3.     Tackle The Toughest Work First

You must tackle the toughest work first because there will be those times you will get distracted and writing things take much longer. Estil Furnishing aims to do first a whole range of solutions to those who feel like their property requires something a little different.

Their employees need to do them first thing during their work day, especially when there are kinds of stuff in shading systems and other soft furnishings clearly not working and needs to be fixed right away. They also aim to constantly improve their production models to attain business excellence.

4.     Make Very Short To-Do Lists

The administration of Estil Furnishing does make very short to-do lists, often the night before. They never list more than 10 items to make certain they’re short tasks. They ensure that their employees will surely do it if something is on the list for their efforts would be nothing and no point putting them on a list. They revisit these lists toward the end of the day to confirm they’re on track and to plot out the rest of the day based on anything that has come up.


These abovementioned tricks are among the strategies you can actually use in your writer’s life too over and over again. They will absolutely make your life so much better especially when you’ll apply them to your daily activities and routines.…

Get Rid Of Writing Mistakes Leaders Make Once And For All

If you are a boss or manager in a leadership business and writes well, it can encourage confidence in the team. It can also improve the workflow and allow your employees to better connect with the mission and vision of the company. But many still struggle to get rid of writing mistakes leaders often make once and for all. Here is how to correct the errors to improve your reputation.

1.     You Bury the Lede

If you bury the lede or the main point at the end of your email, it becomes confusing to your team. You’ll get the impression of being afraid to step forward and make your own big decisions. It also felt like you’re afraid to keep people in line. Unlike in the Korean plastic surgery clinics such as Misooda, their manager is upfront when one division within the clinic receives poor remarks from their clients. He writes to all members of that division to address several complaints.

2.     You Capitalize the Wrong Words

Your management style can be reflected on how sloppy your grammar is, especially to those who know how to write properly. Misooda’s manager is trained to do simple editing details if he’s writing the same people day after day so that his mistakes won’t wear them. He only capitalizes the proper nouns, not the wrong words like job titles unless they precede someone’s name.

3.     You Write With Huge Paragraphs

If you always operate with writing with huge paragraphs that never seemed to end, your employees will start to refrain from reading your emails. The manager of Misooda shared to us that he uses two strategies to ensure readable messages. He uses smaller sections, which are usually one to three sentences per section. He decides if every word, sentence, or paragraph made in a draft should remain or cut out, especially when in doubt.

4.     You Don’t Respond to People Below You

It is very lame and foolish if you don’t respond to people below you. A response proves how you value very much your employees’ time. The manager of Misooda makes sure that he sends a simple “Thanks, I got your email” reply to the emails of their doctors, nurses, and employees around the Korean plastic surgery clinic. At the same time, his response allows the work to move forward keeping everyone on the same page.


Having the polished, professional writing tells respect and boosts productivity. As you send every new email, you have the chance to enhance yourself as a leader. You make certain that your words strike the right one since everybody can sense the tone of your email. Your everyday words greatly matter to your team. You seemed unimpressed if you only write in short phrases or fragments.…

4 Best Ways to Make Sure You’re Overcoming Writer’s Block

Writing is also similar to other learning skills you have. Practice is needed to be good at it. But then, there are times, whether you’re a professional writer or not, when you still experience the so-called writer’s block on one occasion or another. I have found out the 4 best ways to make sure you’re overcoming the writer’s block while I was writing a case study about a Singapore-based rental company Nam Seng Cargo.

1.     Ask Questions

Asking yourself using the five W’s questions such as who, what, where, when, and why is very helpful if you cannot write what you are thinking. You can do journaling and write down your thoughts about lorry rental price from Nam Seng Cargo as your example topic since these ideas can be from your consciousness. At least, you get your writing muscle obtainable rather than just sitting there in your seat and furious in frustration if you cannot think well.

Just like in Nam Seng Cargo, they allow their newly-hired employees to ask as many questions as much as they can so that those thoughts can be addressed right away. The company knows that not all queries in their minds will emerge as early as they get hired. There are many work-related questions especially during the 6-month required training process of lorries, trucks, and forklifts.

2.     Leave a Few Loose Threads Every Day

When you have the habit of stopping yourself in the middle of a sentence or an idea while writing about Nam Seng Cargo, you don’t have to pressure since you can leave yourself a few loose threads. For lorry pricing is a bit difficult writing topic, I assure you that you will certainly come up with any lorry price beginning the next day rather than to sit around and wait for something to inspire you about it.

In the exact same way, Nam Seng Cargo employees are not pressured to do their work if not within each individual’s capacity. They are left with the opportunity to finish up on the next day; above all, nothing good results well on the first work day for the prioritized job order.

3.     Brainstorm Ahead of Time

Writing and brainstorming are two different courses of action. So, you can break them up and brainstorm without the need to use a computer or take notes in your notebook. It’s a great way to do this brainstorming ahead of time while you are walking with a client of Nam Seng Cargo to be able to identify potential lorry pricing problems they have experienced.

4.     Write Every Day

Writing is like a muscle that you need to exercise it, or else it might atrophy. There is a need to practice this writing skill as regularly as possible. This situation is very similar to all Nam Seng Cargo employees. They have regular trainings in handling lorries and trucks for the professional drivers to ensure their updated knowledge and skills.


Every so often, the words just won’t come out when we try to write a poem, essay, an email, letter, or even a short novel. Do not pressure yourself because there is always a way if another doesn’t work out.…

Why You Should or Shouldn’t Be A Professional Writer


Thousands love to write. Writing can be an enjoyable experience and if you have some great stories to get down, why not share them with others? Of course, there are many who love the idea of writing but aren’t sure whether this is the avenue for them. So, should you become a professional writer? Read on to find out why you should or shouldn’t be a professional writer.

Writing Can Be Fun

Professional writing isn’t always boring; it can be extremely fun and exciting. This is one of the biggest and best reasons as to why you should become a professional writer. Yes, there is a lot of hard work involved but it’s also extremely fun! You can absolutely enjoy writing and there are so many things to write about also. There has never been a better time to write!

It’s Hard Work

To be honest, one of the biggest reasons why you shouldn’t be a professional writer is how hard it is. Breaking into the industry is tough no matter which area you are aiming for and even when you have broken into it, it’s still a lot of work. There are thousands all like you just waiting to take your place. It’s also a constant learning curve and it takes so much time and sometimes the rewards are not there. visit us on https://www.jessiedevineauthor.com/freelance-writers-authors-coaches-develop-relationships-potential-buyers/

You Can Make Money Writing

If you are good at writing and work at it, it can become a way of living. You can earn a lot of money writing depending on how good you are and the avenue you take. For example, novelists can earn a great deal when they’re book is published and they can continuously earn revenues also every time someone buys their book. Freelancers can also work on websites and do a lot of writing projects to earn. Of course, everyone starts at the bottom but slowly and surely it’s possible to work the way up the ladder.

You Don’t Always Get the Recognition You Deserve

writerrA major problem for most is that when they write, they don’t get the recognition they deserve or would like. Now, for authors, this is a common issue and while more are moving into the self publishing area and selling lots of books, they don’t get the recognition as what some of the world-famous authors do. That can be a real downside at times and even when you’re freelancing, you don’t really get the recognition or rewards you would like. It’s a negative about writing but of course, there are negatives with all jobs.

There Are Lots of Opportunities Available

Another great reason as to why you should write is simply because there are lots and lots of new writing opportunities. You can opt for writing for a magazine or simply choose to write a blog online or even freelance. There are endless options and while they won’t all work out for you, there are a lot to choose from so you should be able to find something that’s suitable. There has never been a better time to write!

Love to Write

If you have a passion for writing, why not go with it? Yes, it’s not easy to become world-famous but who’s to say that is your goal or that it’s not achievable? Anything is possible in writing because one good story can turn a new author into an overnight sensation. You can absolutely have fun writing and really enjoy exploring new ideas.…

10 Situation Starters to Beat Writer’s Block

When learning how to become a writer, you have to ensure you expand your horizons and have a wide variety of situation starters. However for most writers they experience writers block at least once in their lifetimes and it’s a big annoyance. Writers block can stop you dead in your tracks because no matter how much you want to write, the words just don’t come out. The best writers have experienced it and overcoming it can be somewhat tricky. So, here are ten very simple situation starters to beat writers block with ease.

A Mysterious Chiller

If you want to beat the writer’s block, why not start off with a simple but complex plot? Sounds strange yes but you start off with a very basic situation with two siblings who have lived with an elderly relative since they can remember. However, things get more complicated when they learn their apparent dead parents are still alive – or so it seems. Writing a story such as this can get very appealing as it starts off with a simple plot but can develop into something far more unusual.

A Strange Gift Arriving

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new writer or an experienced one; it always is good to try your hand at suspense. Another great situation starter has to be a strange gift arriving one day. A couple, newly married, start receiving surprise gifts with a mysterious note attached. At first, the gifts are subtle items but someone is watching them and soon things take a very dark turn. You never know where it’ll lead to so it’s a great situation starter.


Adoption stories can hit at the hearts of many so it’s a great genre to stick to. Twenty five year old woman is content with life until her adopted parents die. When she goes through their items at home, she finds information about her adoption. The women delves deeper and finds her birth parents were unnamed and when she goes in search of the truth, she is stopped at every turn. Adoption mysteries are fantastic and if you’re learning how to become a writer, adoption stories are a must. These are simple but very mysterious.

Murder Mystery

A young couple is visiting a carnival one summer’s evening when they witness a boy fall to his death from the Ferris wheel. However, what seems to be a simple straightforward accident turns out to be an act of murder but who was responsible for sabotaging the ride? As police investigate, the couple is targeted with the murderer knowing they hold the key to their arrest. Writing a story such as this is really quite simple and something that will get your mind thinking; it really is worth a try.

Running Away From the Truth

A disturbed young woman witnesses a murder while walking home but fails to go to the police as she believes no-one will believe her. However, the killer soon finds there was a witness to the crime and goes in search for her. When the woman’s family is targeted, the girl must run avoiding the murderer’s grasp. A writer will love this idea; it’s full of potential and you never know who will win. It’s a fantastic situation to start off with.

Missing Cases

A ten year boy went missing in the early nineties and was never found. A couple was convicted of murder despite nobody ever being found; however, after a decade, the boy’s older brother goes in search of the truth. He soon finds the couple was far from innocent but might not have killed his brother. Writing a story such as this will get your emotions flowing and really thinking as well.

Transported To a New World

An inventor builds a time-machine but everyone laughs at him when it fails. One night, he wakes up and tries the machine one last time and is transported back to the fifteen century. With danger at every turn, the inventor has to find a way to return home but realizes that he has a mission in his new time before he’s able to return home. Writing these types of stories can be amazing and so varied.

Going In Search Of the Truth

When a pair of girls goes missing, their warring families must come together and work to find their girls. However, as they delve deeper into their children’s lives, they realize that they never really knew their children and they may have lost them for good. A writer can absolutely look at this prompt as it’s so unique. You never know which direction the story will take so you can have a varied mind to explore the story.

Traveling Around the World

A thirty-something man thinks he’s wasted his life and wants to live life before he dies. However as he travels around the world, he experiences new cultures and meets new people. This is a journey of self discovery and the man finds life is complicated even when traveling alone. Writing such a story can be amazing and really it allows you to open your mind to new things. If you have experience traveling, it’s a story for you.

A Disastrous Wedding

A family travel cross-country to attend a wedding of a close family friend but as soon as the family arrive, everything starts to go wrong. The groom goes missing, the bride is arrested and the wedding party is at war with each other. A writer will love this type of story as it take any turn and go in any direction. You will love this prompt and it’s quite easy to imagine what else will happen.

Beat the Writer’s Block

Writing isn’t always easy. You can put words down on a piece of paper but making a story come together is something very different. However, with a few simple story prompts you can actually find a great way to overcome writers block and begin writing. Learning how to become a writer is easy but writing is another matter so look at story prompts and be inspired by the stories you hear.

Check out this link for more informations and help: http://www.businessinsider.fr/us/stephen-king-on-how-to-write-2014-8/