Daunting experience learning how to drive a car

As my time as a writer, it is important to research topics before writing them. Truly a lot of thought and examination of the matter in mind goes a long way. I’ve been waiting to write a series of articles about good and bad drivers. The first thought that came to my mind was about driving schools and their driving instructors.

Driving a car can be daunting at first. You might not remember this because you’ve become so accustomed to driving a vehicle. However, bring yourself back in time when you were just 18 and trying to learn how to drive, In Singapore, you will have to take a few theory lessons to learn the basics of road signs as well as the markings on the road. Further your theory and you will learn more about the different types of transmissions, rules and safety matters you need to commit to memory in order to stay safe on the road.

Once you have gotten the theory done and dusted. You then head on to find  private driving instructors in singapore. I wanted to find a country which had little space and had firm traffic laws. The answer was Singapore. From my research on a website that was really informative, finding a driving instructor nowadays was so simple, using a website could find you an instructor in just minutes. Back in my day, looking for a driving instructor meant information from the word of mouth as well as recommendations from friends. Nowadays, there are about 2 methods which you can learn how to drive. From a school or from a private instructor. Students tend to prefer private instructors because they have better flexibility and they are able to teach out from the textbook. In addition, private instructors often have tips and tricks up their sleeves for students to quickly fly through the lesson scope.

My research then brought me to Thailand. In particular, Bangkok. Bangkok is a heavily populated city where you can almost find a jam at any point of the day. I always wondered how do people drive in that chaos and wanted to learn how Thailand conducts it’s driving lessons. Thailand is also home to the 2nd most road fatalities on the road. The situation is much different that learning in Singapore. Driving schools in Thailand use dirt roads with make shift used tyres to represent the dividers as well as lanes. The location is usually limited to wasteland styled venues and it seemed as though the driving instructors are non-qualified.

The conclusion I came to was this. The place where you learn how to drive makes a huge difference in the road behavior in a particular country. For instance,driving in Singapore being a developed country has proper channels to learn how to drive with  various locations to learn driving from. Whereas in Thailand, you do not have access to updated facilities which might explain the driving culture in different countries, thus the statistics of fatalities or accidents on the road.…