How to Travel in comfort

Whether you are traveling abroad for a job or for leisure, the concept of traveling in sheer comfort is always what people strive for. Traveling abroad puts you out of your comfort zone, away from what you are used to on a daily basis. As such, it is important to adjust the way you travel so that you stay fresh throughout the journey. This clears your mind so you can focus on the right thing throughout the journey.

Traveling With Essentials

A lot of people I know make the mistake of carrying little, thinking that with the lesser load, they free their mind from packing too much and lugging around extra baggage. On the contrary, it is useful to bring items that you usually use in your daily life. Whether be it your $400 electric shaver or even a pair of bulky headphones, these essentials in your daily life will definitely improve your mood during your journey because you do not have to adapt away from what you are used to.


Your Attire

Choose your clothes wisely whenever you travel on a long haul flight. As a habit, I usually bring a pair of slippers and comfortably top and bottom to change into when in the plane. You are confined to a stuffy seat and the only way you can get comfortable is through your clothing. Don’t make the mistake of staying in your jeans, formal wear and shoes and regretting it halfway through your flight with no way back.


Airport Transfers

I cannot stress how often I use airport transfers to lift the burden of arriving at a new location. Airports are usually the source of locals trying to earn a quick buck jacking up the prices from the airport to the city. I cannot even count the number of times I’ve been haggled, scammed and even touched excessively to “beg” me to enter their vehicles. In the past few years, I realized that the best way to avoid all these is through airport transfers or private transfer services. Although these services tend to be a little more expensive than the local taxis, they provide better services through the meet and greet and a flat fare charge in most locations. If the driver is nice, they would even carry your bags for your or even give you some tips to survive in that location. Airport transfers are definitely on my top list of traveling in comfort.


Make your First Stop at the Supermart

This goes in conjunction with my previous tip. If you are using the airport transfer, you can always request the driver to wait for you for an extra fee. Use this time to head to a local supermart where you can stock up on daily essentials such as your favourite toiletries. I never trust the hotel to give me the quality of toiletry I desire so I always end up buying my own at the supermart. You can also stock on some snacks or food so you don’t have to resort to buying the expensive bar items found in your hotel room. If you need a place to go to in Singapore, I would recommend NTUC supermart. Their supermarkets are conveniently placed all over Singapore and they have a wide variety of products at any given point. Going there is sure to save some time!

These are the tips and tricks I would recommend whenever you are heading overseas. Got some tips of your own. Do let us know in the comments below or email us on what you want to learn!…

Here’s A Quick 2-Minute Way To Enhance Anything You Write

We are all very busy with our everyday activities, so I will just keep this a quick one. The ways I will mention here in this article are going to be the simplest I can think of and share with you to easily improve the quality of whatever it is you are now writing. You can even treasure it forever just like what the Singaporean electric company Geneco are trained to do all the time when their staff answers emails, sends newsletters, and other written works to their clients.

  1. Delete the Word “That”

Most of the time, using the word “that” so many times in your writing can become a bad writing habit. It is grammatically valid, but too often is not good. It does not have to be perfectly correct for as long as the meaning of the sentence is not altered once “that” is removed. As a relative pronoun, it may be deleted if it acts as the direct object of the verb. However, if the role is a subject, demonstrative adjective, or demonstrative pronoun, it cannot be dropped because it will not be clear anymore.

This is the first thing that Geneco provides and suggest to their employees to get rid of when making emails and replying messages to individual customers. Trained employees know already that the two kinds of “that” are the ones that we need and that we do not. So, it is highly recommended to reread the sentences upon deleting so that you can see if the whole sentence still makes sense. If so, you do not need it. However, if it cannot, you must retain the word “that.” For example, “This is the food that I ordered,” you must delete while keeping it in this sentence “I want to eat that steak.”

  1. Delete the Words “I Think,” “In My Opinion,” and “It Seems”

These words, such as “I think,” “in my opinion,” and “it seems,” once removed will strengthen your point of view. These add nothing except if you are writing a news article. However, everything you put in your blog is your opinion. No fact, evidence, or any incontrovertible truth is mentioned. Littering the blog with these words is not essential in telling the readers it is your opinion.

A fine example is what Geneco projects as a more authoritative and credible electric company. They remove all references to your opinion except possibly the information is absolutely imperative to mention it. You most often observed that adding something you are not sure of in your news article will cause lots of confusion to the readers. They might likely mistake your opinion for a statement of fact.


You can start excising those words from your written works whether they are an article, a blog post, or just a series of emails. Then, you can make it a regular habit of dropping those unnecessary words and focus on avoiding them whenever you can. It will improve your writing, and then people will get to notice the brilliance of your works.…

7 Tips for Writing an Effective Cover Letter

Your cover letter is the first thing a potential employer sees. Therefore, it is crucial that you get your attention and never let it go.

7 Tips That Will Rev Up Your Cover Letter:

1. Address It to a Specific Person

If possible, investigate who is reviewing the curricula and making the hiring decision for the job you desire. Sometimes that data will be in the ad, however, if not, don’t be scared to do a little detective job. It is usually as simple as calling the company and just asking! Do not print a cover letter for all sizes. You have to customize your letter entirely for the company and the job you are looking for.

2. Concentrate on Them

It is appealing to describe in your cover letter what you want from work or from the company: advance your career, improve your skill set or secure a better title. However, companies need to know what they can do for them. Structure your letter to list the experience and talents you bring to the table. There will be time shortly to talk about what you will get from the deal.

3. Let Them Know You Have Done Your Homework

Weave at least a fact about the company somewhere in your letter. For example – while Company AB had an impressive $ 10 million in sales during the last quarter, I hope that my marketing skills could help Company AB get even better results in the next quarter.

4. Limit Your Words

Some cover letters should run more than one page. Potential employers are like everyone else: they are more probable to read a short 4 paragraph letter than a disheartening 8 paragraph letter.

5. Do Not Repeat the Contents of Your Resume

Assuming that your cover letter is well prepared, the hiring manager or prospective employer will get your resume. Mostly, highlight 2 or 3 most impressive aspects of your resume to provide the employer an idea of what is to come. Aesthetics is important. Print your cover letter on high quality white or gray paper, and do not fold or staple and ensure it matches your resume. See more.

6. Proof and Proof Again

Nothing turns off hiring manager or a prospective employer as a cover letter with spelling or grammar errors. You must think that you are clean if you use your computer’s spell checker, but that does not save you from mistakes like confusing and “effect” or “affect”. After you have reviewed your letter two times, ask a grammar geek friend who will also review it.

7. Do Not Make Them Guess

At the bottom of your letter, include the number (s) where you could be contacted whether you require more information, or whether you wish to schedule an interview. You will certainly include your phone number in your cover letter, but you need it to be as easy as possible for the company to contact you.


Your closing must make it clear that you are really interested in talking to the future employee about how you can help their company. One common mistake that several job seekers make is forgetting the reason for a resume and a cover letter. It is not to secure the job; its main purpose is to save an interview. Be sure to ask for an interview!…

How To Fix The Four Most Common Writing Mistakes

In the professional world, writing is essential to use on a daily basis. With it, you can express your thoughts and ideas, and the way they are received absolutely matters most. It is justifiable to make certain that you are totally doing everything possible to be received well. So, here is how to fix the four most common writing mistakes you always make.

1.     Use Quotation Marks To Add Emphasis

The way we use quotation marks to add emphasis is one gaining popularity nowadays. It is correct to only use it when you’re citing exact words used by someone. But if you want to highlight or emphasize something that you think of an important detail, you must be sure to use italics, not quotation marks.

Proximacy also observed this on their websites. They offer a whole slew of online marketing services globally, especially in Singapore, where their main location is. They handle things from website design to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for those clients needing digital marketing solutions for their business. They ensure that their writers are not using quotation marks to just add emphasis. They always recheck the posts and guarantee well-written articles and blogs.

2.     Put Punctuation Outside Of Quotation Marks

Another regional difference is when you put punctuation outside of quotation marks. Always remember that punctuation goes outside the marks if in British English, whereas it always goes inside if in American English. This is similar to Proximacy’s process of handling their clients. They make it certain that they put into consideration the culture and regional difference. They create new and improved avenues for small businesses to succeed in online marketing.

3.     Use A Hyphen Instead of A Dash

It is recommended to use a hyphen instead of a dash when you have connected two words into one, which usually occurs in an adjective. In a sentence, a dash will demonstrate that you’re switching temporarily to a separate thought.

What Proximacy did to their website designers and writers is to create a list of their shortcuts. For example, they hold down “Option” button and the minus sign located at the top of the keyboard to create a dash since they are all using Mac computers.

4.     Comma Splice

The dreaded comma splice is the common and often omnipresent mistake among writers. A coordinating conjunction is needed to help connect two independent clauses using a comma. If you really want to always keep on repeating the same error and avoid comma splice, you can use either a semicolon or a conjunction to connect those two phrases.

Proximacy always guarantees to their clients and potential customers that during the training orientation, their employees are given a full list of conjunctions and other technical grammar rules regardless of what work position. They do this because they want to bring their clients’ value before they put their money on the table.


The easiest way to fix your writings is to read your work aloud or quietly to yourself. This places your pause naturally, which is where you put a comma. There should be a natural break in the rhythm of your sentence. When you are unsure, you can always Google the phrase you want to use.…

4 Best Tricks To Use For Writer’s Time Management

There are lots of tips seen on the Internet making us more efficient. It may take weeks for you to put off reading and writing articles and books on how to be more productive and efficient. Here are the four best tricks to use for your time management as a writer.

1.     Plan Your Weeks on Fridays

This trick to planning your weeks on Fridays is actually two ideas combined into one. Our lives are lived in weeks making the week as the best unit of time to plan out. Doing it on Fridays is also the best time to think through your weeks before you are in them. You’ll need this trick to continue with your writings, especially those with deadlines.

A curtain supplier and maker in Singapore, Estil Furnishing is also doing this kind of trick. They plan out their most important professional priorities for the next week on Friday afternoons. They see where their curtains in Singapore can go. They also take a step back and ask their management team what matters and what doesn’t.

2.     Measure What Matters

You must measure what matters. Just like Estil Furnishing, they utilize a time log to keep track faithfully of their time in half-hour blocks. In more than 20 years of experience in crafting quality curtains, they have been recording each day on this log in a loyal manner. They were able to develop a much more holistic and accurate sense of their time. It is truly precious and plentiful for they devote more of their time to customer satisfaction.

3.     Tackle The Toughest Work First

You must tackle the toughest work first because there will be those times you will get distracted and writing things take much longer. Estil Furnishing aims to do first a whole range of solutions to those who feel like their property requires something a little different.

Their employees need to do them first thing during their work day, especially when there are kinds of stuff in shading systems and other soft furnishings clearly not working and needs to be fixed right away. They also aim to constantly improve their production models to attain business excellence.

4.     Make Very Short To-Do Lists

The administration of Estil Furnishing does make very short to-do lists, often the night before. They never list more than 10 items to make certain they’re short tasks. They ensure that their employees will surely do it if something is on the list for their efforts would be nothing and no point putting them on a list. They revisit these lists toward the end of the day to confirm they’re on track and to plot out the rest of the day based on anything that has come up.


These abovementioned tricks are among the strategies you can actually use in your writer’s life too over and over again. They will absolutely make your life so much better especially when you’ll apply them to your daily activities and routines.…

Get Rid Of Writing Mistakes Leaders Make Once And For All

If you are a boss or manager in a leadership business and writes well, it can encourage confidence in the team. It can also improve the workflow and allow your employees to better connect with the mission and vision of the company. But many still struggle to get rid of writing mistakes leaders often make once and for all. Here is how to correct the errors to improve your reputation.

1.     You Bury the Lede

If you bury the lede or the main point at the end of your email, it becomes confusing to your team. You’ll get the impression of being afraid to step forward and make your own big decisions. It also felt like you’re afraid to keep people in line. Unlike in the Korean plastic surgery clinics such as Misooda, their manager is upfront when one division within the clinic receives poor remarks from their clients. He writes to all members of that division to address several complaints.

2.     You Capitalize the Wrong Words

Your management style can be reflected on how sloppy your grammar is, especially to those who know how to write properly. Misooda’s manager is trained to do simple editing details if he’s writing the same people day after day so that his mistakes won’t wear them. He only capitalizes the proper nouns, not the wrong words like job titles unless they precede someone’s name.

3.     You Write With Huge Paragraphs

If you always operate with writing with huge paragraphs that never seemed to end, your employees will start to refrain from reading your emails. The manager of Misooda shared to us that he uses two strategies to ensure readable messages. He uses smaller sections, which are usually one to three sentences per section. He decides if every word, sentence, or paragraph made in a draft should remain or cut out, especially when in doubt.

4.     You Don’t Respond to People Below You

It is very lame and foolish if you don’t respond to people below you. A response proves how you value very much your employees’ time. The manager of Misooda makes sure that he sends a simple “Thanks, I got your email” reply to the emails of their doctors, nurses, and employees around the Korean plastic surgery clinic. At the same time, his response allows the work to move forward keeping everyone on the same page.


Having the polished, professional writing tells respect and boosts productivity. As you send every new email, you have the chance to enhance yourself as a leader. You make certain that your words strike the right one since everybody can sense the tone of your email. Your everyday words greatly matter to your team. You seemed unimpressed if you only write in short phrases or fragments.…

Some Reasons to Live and Work in Calgary, AB Canada

People will move to a city for many reasons, but more and more, people choose the lifestyle as their main reason for living in or moving to a town or city. In western Canada, Vancouver has usually been the choice for people who enjoy a lifestyle of outside living in a temperate climate. Calgary, however, is an excellent city for those who like the open-air and a mild climate, but do not want to pay a premium for it. Here are some common reasons why one should think of Calgary as a place to live.

The Great Outdoors

Calgary is situated right at the foot of the Canadian Rockies and in just 40 minutes a person can drive to any number of good outdoor destinations. Skiing, hiking, river kayaking, mountain biking, rock climbing are just a few of the reasons why the Canadians make a weekly pilgrimage on Hwy 1 to the outside wonderland we call The Canadian Rockies. Calgary is very close to 5 major ski hills and Canada Olympic Park is just 10 minutes from the heart of the city. The Cross-Country Nordic Center is just 1.5 hours’ drive from downtown Calgary and the headquarters of the Canadian Alpine Club is just minutes away.

Art and Culture

Though not known for it, Calgary has a prosperous arts community with a variety of theaters, museums, festivals, and live galleries. Calgary hosts a number of events every year; the most famous is Calgary Stampede. The Calgary Folk Music Festival, the Kensington Sun, the Calgary International Blues Festival, Calgary Fringe, and Salsa Festival, the Global Fest festival and the Calgary Lilac Festival are also popular draws. The Glen bow Museum in Calgary has a huge collection of art and antiques and is home to exhibitions with numerous works of art.

Jobs and Income

Calgary has the chief concentration of central offices, one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country and the top per capita income of any other Canadian city. With a booming petroleum and natural gas industry employing tens of thousands and many other diverse industries, Calgary is a city people consider when considering a move or looking for a new career.

Education University of Calgary

Calgary has two major universities – 1) the University of Calgary, and 2) Mount Royal University and countless other commercial schools. Located in the heart of the city, SAIT Polytechnic offers education in a wide range of fields, centering on technical areas. From kindergarten to G12, Calgary has a number of public, private, and Christian schools located in Calgary’s communities.

Low Taxation

Alberta does not have a provincial tax and a flat personal tax rate of 10%, which no other province can boast. Also, with a lower tax rate than Toronto, Edmonton, Ottawa, and Montreal, Calgary can be a great affordable place to do business and earn an income. More details here.

Alberta Beef and Produce

If you are in Calgary, you are not far from a good steak! But in all seriousness, Alberta has some of the best products in Canada and Calgary is a center with a lot of farmers markets to buy their Taber corn or other fresh vegetables. The Calgary Farmers ‘Market is a lively hub for those who sell locally grown produce and the Kensington Farmers’ Market is set every Sunday in the Kensington community.

Remember, if you are considering to move to Calgary, it is always decent to talk to an international moving company to acquire a better understanding of moving logistics, either it’s on your own, with the family or a complete business.

Check out this post for more informations:

4 Best Ways to Make Sure You’re Overcoming Writer’s Block

Writing is also similar to other learning skills you have. Practice is needed to be good at it. But then, there are times, whether you’re a professional writer or not, when you still experience the so-called writer’s block on one occasion or another. I have found out the 4 best ways to make sure you’re overcoming the writer’s block while I was writing a case study about a Singapore-based rental company Nam Seng Cargo.

1.     Ask Questions

Asking yourself using the five W’s questions such as who, what, where, when, and why is very helpful if you cannot write what you are thinking. You can do journaling and write down your thoughts about lorry rental price from Nam Seng Cargo as your example topic since these ideas can be from your consciousness. At least, you get your writing muscle obtainable rather than just sitting there in your seat and furious in frustration if you cannot think well.

Just like in Nam Seng Cargo, they allow their newly-hired employees to ask as many questions as much as they can so that those thoughts can be addressed right away. The company knows that not all queries in their minds will emerge as early as they get hired. There are many work-related questions especially during the 6-month required training process of lorries, trucks, and forklifts.

2.     Leave a Few Loose Threads Every Day

When you have the habit of stopping yourself in the middle of a sentence or an idea while writing about Nam Seng Cargo, you don’t have to pressure since you can leave yourself a few loose threads. For lorry pricing is a bit difficult writing topic, I assure you that you will certainly come up with any lorry price beginning the next day rather than to sit around and wait for something to inspire you about it.

In the exact same way, Nam Seng Cargo employees are not pressured to do their work if not within each individual’s capacity. They are left with the opportunity to finish up on the next day; above all, nothing good results well on the first work day for the prioritized job order.

3.     Brainstorm Ahead of Time

Writing and brainstorming are two different courses of action. So, you can break them up and brainstorm without the need to use a computer or take notes in your notebook. It’s a great way to do this brainstorming ahead of time while you are walking with a client of Nam Seng Cargo to be able to identify potential lorry pricing problems they have experienced.

4.     Write Every Day

Writing is like a muscle that you need to exercise it, or else it might atrophy. There is a need to practice this writing skill as regularly as possible. This situation is very similar to all Nam Seng Cargo employees. They have regular trainings in handling lorries and trucks for the professional drivers to ensure their updated knowledge and skills.


Every so often, the words just won’t come out when we try to write a poem, essay, an email, letter, or even a short novel. Do not pressure yourself because there is always a way if another doesn’t work out.…

How to Become A Highly Effective Blogger in 5 Easy Steps

In this era of high technology, there are many ways to earn revenue even if you’re just at home. At the same time, you have lots of fun! One of which is blog content marketing, which many are clueless how to start. So, let’s make this happen by being a highly effective blogger in this fast-paced world.

  1. Creating A Blog

The first thing to establish when creating a blog is the right blogging platform for you. There are limitless options you can choose from ranging from free to paid platforms such as WordPress and Wix. It is highly suggested to try one out. Anyhow, it can be changed if not satisfactory.

  1. Making Your Blog Easy to Find

It is basic to know which keywords to focus on for each blog post to make it searchable for people in the search engine. The focal point should be one term and include other similar keywords if clear and easy to understand. The search engine will eventually rank you more when your blog firmly focuses and targets relevant facts.

  1. Providing Accessible Content From Brilliant Ideas

  • Stay on Topic

To stay on your topic like forklift rentals for your blog is very important so that your readers will not think dubious of your blog.  Your content from your brilliant ideas should be amazing and interesting for the readers to link it. It should also be accessible with the top searchable terms.

  • Put Some High-Quality Time

Putting some high-quality time is also significant to make your content. You must know a lot about a topic. So, I sought out about forklift rental companies in Singapore since I’m very fascinated with it. You’ll never know that your readers are also interested to learn more about this topic making your blog unique.

  • Make Unique Content

For example, there is a need to emphasize the gist of forklift rental in Singapore, especially when you’re a startup company with limited funds. Purchasing forklifts for lifting heavy loads and transporting products easily from one place to another is very costly and needs regular high maintenance. Professional forklift drivers are required for these specialized vehicles.

  1. Promoting Your Blog

To be successful in the blogging industry, patience is necessary. What I meant with this is putting your blog to the top of the search engines will take a long period of time. But I assure you that it is worth the wait and very possible to achieve that goal. There are many methods to promote your blog.

  • Posting on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Just making sure not to spam your links to your site.
  • Placing tags to your post showing up in search engines.
  1. Interacting With Your Avid Readers

This is highly recommended for bloggers to be responsive to their readers, who put comments. If you don’t, they will think less likely to you and your works and won’t follow the upcoming blog posts anymore.


Making your content amazing to the needs of the people in your niche is better to gain more likes and readers since the search engines will like your blog as well.…

Writers’ Block: When Your Imaginary Friends Refuse to Talk to You

All writers wrestle with the devil called writer’s block at some time or another. Whole classes have been devoted to the subject. The causes can be many; losing a train of thought, loss of interest in a subject, distractions – just give a person a deadline, and writer’s block is sure to follow. There are many cures that have been handed down throughout the ages. Some better than others, none guaranteed to work. Writing for personal use, school papers, business proposals or the Great American Novel, procrastination, distraction and can leave you staring at the wall for hours if not days.

Many writers rely on a change of scenery to overcome stubborn writers’ block. Some bestselling authors who have the luxury, report that spending time on the water, away from distractions like city noise and traffic is a sure cure. Just getting ready for the trip has been known to clear away cobwebs. If heading to the water seems like a good place to shake the doldrums, let the people at West Marine help you get your vessel sea worthy. You can use a promo code from Groupon to make your purchase, and might even find something juicy to write about in the process. Even if you just fish off a pier in a lake, there is something calming about water that stills the mind and stokes the imagination. There is even an annual event called the Writer’s Symposium by the Sea that takes place each year in California.

While some find solace on or near the water, others rely on a word prompt exercise to loosen their thoughts. Maya Angelou would sit and write a nonsensical phrase repeatedly until, as she put it, “the muse realized I was serious” and spoke to her again. Indeed, some say writers’ block is when your imaginary friends stop talking to you.   Playwright August Wilson was known to begin each writing session by circling his desk, with each orbit moving closer and closer until at last he’d sit down and begin writing.   Ernest Hemingway said the best way to avoid writers’ block was to stop writing while things were “going good.” From there you could easily pick up the next day, he felt.

If your imaginary friends refuse to talk to you, there are many methods you can use to loosen their lips. Just be ready to hear what they say.…